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Smiley face button, Classic Yellow
smiley button image classic yellow large
This smiley face button can be made into a custom button for the same low price as our stock buttons. If you're going to add captions to this button you might consider the caption ring smiley. Here's some things you can do with him:
Change his background color to something unusual. You can have this as a one-of-a-kind.
Take him to a ball game. Buy him a hot dog.
Add text above or below his mug, or both! Keep it simple though. Too much, or too large will wreck his good looks!
Make him the best man at your wedding. Or, what the heck, the bridesmaid!
Start a band. Make him the lead singer. "The Silent Smileys." Good name. I better trademark that right away.
Simply place your order, then write us and tell us how you want it customized
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Yellow Smiley Face pin back button SM3s1
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