Design Help

Design Help For Your Custom Buttons
This is for any size custom buttons, but the bleed area varies for each size.
1.25" buttons leave about 3/16th" for the bleed area.
1.50" buttons leave about 3/16th" for the bleed area.
1.75" buttons leave about 1/4" for the bleed area.
2.25" buttons, leave about 1/4" for the bleed area.
3.00" buttons leave about 3/8" for the bleed area.

Below is a diagram displaying the art and text display area for a custom button. This region is white with black text. This would be the area that you would center your art, (if any) and your text.
The Outside ring surrounding the display area is the "bleed" region. This area is always the same color as the display area! Consider the bleed area as a continuation of the display area beyond the display area. That's exactly what it is, and it's the region of the art that actually curves around the button to the back side where it is crimped into the button.
Please do not put a line of demarcation between the display area and the bleed area, as we'll just have to remove it. Just let it blend together. If you need to show us where you want the display area to end and the curvature to begin, make a second copy with the demarcation line and send it with the main art.
Design dimensions should be 300 pixels x 300 pixels, and 300 dpi resolution.
Button template image
Simply use your favorite graphics program to create your image and or text for your custom buttons and send it to us as an email attachment at Buttonstore at
Be sure to save your art in one of the following formats- .
.jpg .bmp .eps .tif .pcx .png .pcd .cmp .psd .tga
.eps, .bmp and .jpg tend to work the smoothest, so we recommend either.
GIFs are not recommended!
Questions? Write us!
Places to find clip art on the Web-
If you opt to use an outside vendor's art, such as, you must purchase said art from them. We will not do it unless you authorize the additional charges we incur to purchase the art you wish to use to be added to your price total.