Emoticon Buttons

If you've ever surfed the web or been in a chat room, you know what an "emoticon" is. "If you haven't here's a short definition: a set of type characters put together in such a fashion as to resemble something." Such as a face!
And on that note, we present Buttonstore.com Emoticon buttons. This section is sparse for a reason: there are thousands of emoticon combinations to be had, and if we attempted to make them all, we'd get carried away and never be able to stop.
The Emoticon button can be customized to say anything you want, the font can be any type you want, the font can be any color you want, and the background can be any color you want. Simply use the "stock" button below to place your order, and specify your info in the shopping cart.
Here's a short list of common emoticons:
no emotion
surprised "oh!"
big open smile
devil frown
plain smile
devil wink sharp smile
sticking tongue out
winking smile, sharp nose
Emoticon button image
This is the standard plain smiley emoticon button. It can be customized in font style, font color, and background. Just tell us what you want!
Simply place your order, then write us and tell us how you want it customized.
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Emoticon Smiley button
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