Refrigerator Magnet Buttons

Refrigerator Magnet Buttons
We offer custom low priced quality refrigerator magnet buttons that can be had with any design you want, all for one low price.
We can do this because there's no real difference between our refrigerator buttons and out custom pin back buttons, except for the fact that the fridge buttons have a magnet attached to the back in place of a pin.
We have found this product useful for:
Restaurants (especially pizza and other delivery outlets)
Schools (attendance office numbers)
Police and security agencies phone numbers
The kids pictures
and more...
Our refrigerator magnet buttons are also useful for:
Hanging the kid's art
Holding schedules and chore lists up
Where's the "to do" list? Oh, right there, with that bill that's due!
holding grocery lists. Need milk?
Here's how it works:
Type in the quantity of buttons you're thinking about in the box below. Click "Check Price."
Adjust your shipping options if needed, and click "recalculate" for a new total.
Once you've found the amount of refrigerator magnet buttons you want, and your price, just fill out the order form. If you want one of our existing button designs, simply write the item number on the order for in the "comments or special instruction" box. If you want your own design type in the same box that you plan on sending us your design.
Your Design
Your design must not be copyrighted material, unless you yourself have the copyright.
Must be in digital form if you're going to send it via email, or a good quality picture if you're going to send it snail mail for us to scan.
Must be at least 300 dpi, and at least 300 x 300 dpi in size. The larger the image, the better the end result.
Simply place your order, then write us and tell us how you want it customized
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Refrigerator Magnet Buttons
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