Price Guarantee Defined

At Buttonstore.com we pride ourselves on making the highest quality custom buttons possible, at the lowest possible prices.

At the time of sale, we will beat any competitor's verifiable published price by 10% for buttons and custom buttons with similar amounts of ink and editing in the same sizes. Guaranteed. Competitor's published price must remain the same for 10 consecutive days after to remain valid.
In order to make this work for you, we also have to take into account competitors who a) charge for art and editing (up to and beyond $60.00 an hour) which we DO NOT DO, and who b) charge you for not using their templates, and c) price according to amounts of colors you want. We do not charge for colors, we do not charge any template fees, and we do not charge editing fees at all. If fact, were happy to set up your art for you!

This does not apply to shipping charges, as different areas of world do cost more to ship to from different areas, and as we can not control UPS's, FedEx's, the Postal Service's, or any other carrier's prices, we certainly can not guarantee them. We can, however, guarantee our button prices, and we will not gouge you with shipping and handling.

If we can't beat them
If we can't beat a competitor's price we'll gladly send you to them with a hardy handshake and $5.00 in your pocket.

Published prices vs. verbal prices
If their price is a verbal price and not published price, we'll meet or beat that as well, as long as we can phone them at their main published (and findable) number and verify it. (we had to add that, as some people will call (in fact have called) saying, "yeah, well, Joe Shmo's Buttons say's they'll make our buttons for .01ยข each, plus they'll pay me to take them, pay my mortgage and hook me up with their sister." It must be a legitimate, provable price from a known maker. And no sisters.

One purely evil competitor is known to do price bait and switching when called about our prices. While on the phone these people will actually enter their price database and change their published prices while you're looking at them, then change them back to their higher state after the sale. We know this because we track prices. For this reason we will price match and take off 10% only to prices that remain the same for a minimum of 10 days from the time of sale.

Apples to apples
We WANT you to look at other button makers, and look carefully.
Many button makers show a low price, but look for the words or phrase, "additional colors extra" in little tiny type. We don't charge for extra colors. Also look for art fees. Some makers even will even charge you to USE YOUR OWN ART!!! Huh? That's right! But they'll happily waive this fee if you print the buttons yourself (including the "cut lines," whatever that is) and ship the printed art to them. Huh? We don't do that!
Some makers have an "Economy" line with a lower price, but again, apples to apples: you only get one color ink, though you have your choice of one color background PAPER. We'll match those prices and techniques as well!
Look for art fees. These can run $60 or more per hour. We don't charge for art or to edit your art. Look for, or ask them if there are any set-up fees. We don't charge set-up fees.
Look for "Template fees," whatever that is. It could set you back 10 bucks.
Look for plate fees. Many charge plate fees, we don't.
Look for minimum orders. We have no minimum. If you want one button or 10,000, we'll make them for you.

Why we're doing this
Times are tough everywhere, and we want to ensure that the consumer "wins one."
There is one competitor who has stated publicly that they intend to run everyone else of of business, and be the only button maker standing. We don't like this because we have always held the philosophy that there is plenty of business to go around for everyone, and that predatory dumping on the market ultimately hurts the marketplace, which ultimately hurts the consumer. I recently heard from one of my customers that a particular competitor had closed their doors after 15 years of service, and I was genuinely sad to hear this. They were no threat to anyone because, as I said, there's plenty of business for everyone.