Custom Buttons

Custom buttons for low prices is what we're all about, with as many colors as you like for one low price, and there are no price tricks at! You can get as many colors as you like on your buttons for one low price with NO setup fees. The price you see is the price you get.
Custom buttons can take many forms, and we now offer the five most popular sizes of buttons! Make custom picture buttons, custom campaign buttons, custom promotional buttons for your business, custom election buttons for politics or even office politics. Personalized buttons and photo buttons are things we do too.
Out custom buttons come in these sizes:
1.25 Inch
1.50 Inch
1.75 Inch
2.25 Inch
3.00 Inch

Our custom buttons have:

As many colors as you like for one price
How much will my custom buttons cost?
Type in your quantity of custom buttons in the price checker below and click "Look Up." You'll be taken to the first page of our shopping cart system, and from there you can type in different quantities and shipping options and get a new price by clicking "recalculate."
Custom Button Price Check
Be sure to specify the size!

1.25 inch
1.50 inch
1.75 inch
2.25 inch
3.00 inch

We display our prices right up front, so there's nothing hidden, and no surprises!

With custom buttons from
you'll find gobs of pre-designed stock art that you can order on your buttons, or you can design your own buttons. A huge share of our business comes in the form of custom buttons, and many of those buttons are based on our published stock designs. It's like a big circle! Many of the displayed designs can be re-designed to meet your needs.

For instance,
if you want the Smiley Face button # SM3s3, but you want it customized with a caption on it, no problem! Make it a custom button by ordering the SM3s3, then send an email to Customize This Button specifying what you want the caption to say, what font style, what color font, and where on the buttons you'd like it, and bingo, a custom button.

We'll make a prototype
button to your specs, scan it, and email the image back to you for approval, or revision. We wont actually make your buttons until we have an approved final design, because we want you to be happy with the custom buttons we send you.

If you already have artwork
that you want to use for your custom buttons, great! Send it to us as an .eps, .jpg or .bmp file to buttonstore at However it must be at LEAST 300 dpi resolution, or higher, and it should be formatted to a size of 300 X 300 pixels or larger. If it's smaller in size or resolution we'll have to expand it, and then we'll run the risk of loosing data, which results in poor resolution. Again, we want you to be satisfied with your custom buttons.
In this case we'll also scan a prototype and send you the image via email for approval or revision.

Design Help
For help in designing your custom pin back buttons
Click Here

How long will my custom buttons take?
For a custom button order you can allow from between 1 and 5 days depending on current volume and size and complexity of your order, and remember it'll take UPS up to 5 business days to deliver your buttons if you're on the east coast, (we use Postal Priority for small orders, which is a 2 to 3 day delivery to the east coast) less the further west you are. If your button order is extraordinarily large, it might take us longer to make it, but we'll let you know ahead of time if there'll be a delay.
We can also ship by UPS 3 day select, 2 day air, and Overnight in extreme cases. However, these shipping options do cost more, and we'll have to pass this cost on to you.